Don't stress about your housing - Choose2Renew!

January 19 - February 6, 2017

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Continue your On-Campus Urban Living Experience by choosing to renew your housing.  Current residents get priority assignments when renewing their housing contracts for the summer and/or the 2017-2018 academic year.

Students currently living in the Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes or North Hall are able to renew for their same room, a new room in the same hall, or a new room in a new hall. Students who are living in Ball Hall, University Tower, or Park Place have the option to renew to North Hall or Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes.

Promo Information

Students that renew during Choose2Renew will receive a zip-up hoodie.  Students that sign a contract as a result of their renewal application during Choose2Renew will be entered to win one of 4 incredible prizes, like a television or X-Box!

Renewal Benefits:

Students choose to renew their housing contract for many reasons, including:

  • Priority assignments
  • No money down
  • Traditional residence hall or apartment options available
  • No extra bills or utilities to worry about
  • Full kitchens and full-size beds available in the Riverwalk community
  • All furnishings included
  • Leadership opportunities available to help gain experience and to build your resume

Renewal Process:

For residents that wish to renew their housing contract for this summer and/or next academic year, please complete the following steps during the timeframe listed below.

  1. Complete the renewal housing application between January 19 - February 6, 2017 by logging on to the Housing Service Center.  *Note: There is no fee for completing this application if completed during Choose2Renew.  Students will need to re-apply for housing (including submitting the $50 application fee) if they later decide they want to live on-campus.
  2. Once applications are complete, Housing and Residence Life will process each request and submit offers in late February and early March.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to review their housing offer and can either accept or decline the contract.