Emergency & Safety Information

For emergencies, call the IUPUI Police Department at (317) 274-7911 from any campus phone or at 911 from your mobile phone or other off-campus phone. For more information on campus emergency policy and procedures, please visit IUPUI's Emergency Preparedness website.  In the event of a disaster or emergency, this website will contain regularly updated news, instructions, and information pertaining to the campus's ongoing emergency preparedness efforts.

The Protect IU website offers additional emergency and adverse weather resources and announcements.

If you have a housing related issue, please contact the RA on duty for your community.

Ball Residence Hall: (317) 414-9383
North Hall: (317) 612-7056 or (317) 612-7022
University Tower: (317) 414-9929
Riverwalk Apartments & Townhomes: (317) 414-9825 or (317) 414-2357

Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is a family emergency and I need to get a hold of my student?

If you need to send a message to your student during normal business hours, please contact your students community office. After business hours, contact the RA on Duty for student's facility. 

Are there designated shelter locations on campus in case of a natural disaster or terrorism situation?

Yes, there are a variety of on-campus shelter locations. Residents are instructed on emergency procedures via meetings, newsletters, and drills.  For more information on these or other emergency procedures, please contact your community office.


All external entrances to each of our residence halls (excluding the Townhomes) are controlled through an electronic card access system. Residents are responsible for going to the front door of the residence hall to greet and provide access for guests. Residents are responsible for their guests and must stay with their guests for the duration of the visit. 

After dark, residents should walk in well-lit areas with at least one other person and, ideally, with a group. IUPUI offers an escort service for transportation between buildings on the main campus. To request an escort, call the campus operator at (317) 274-5555 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Monday through Friday and at (317) 274-7911 on the weekends.

If you suspect any criminal activity or see suspicious behavior, call the IUPUI Police Department immediately at (317) 274-7911 and/or contact your RA as soon as possible.