LYFE Scholars Program

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The LYFE Scholar Program assists participants in the development of a stronger understanding of the necessary steps to be a successful student. Through personal reflection, involvement in LYFE programs, and additional academic related events, the LYFE Scholar will have a clearer concept of where and when to seek out educational resources and opportunities, how to approach and talk with faculty, how to take personal responsibility for their successes and challenges, and how to be an involved student.

What is the LYFE Scholars Program? 
LYFE Scholars Program is a scholarship opportunity to get first year students better acquainted to college and the tools that will assist you in being successful at IUPUI. We have a series of programs and activities set up for you this semester that will help you to develop your academic and personal skills.

What does LYFE stand for?
LYFE is an acronym where each letter stands of a pillar of the LYFE Scholars Program. The following table explains the LYFE pillars.

LYFE Logo explaination

What do I get for doing this?

A great first start of college! Along with gaining some healthy habits and access to great resources, students will be eligible for a monetary stipend for each semester they participate and successfully complete the requirements.  Students who successfully complete both the fall and spring semester, and sign an on-campus housing contract for the upcoming year, will be eligible for an addtional bonus scholarship. Money and getting involved?! Sign me up!

Program Benefits

As a LYFE Scholar, the resident will leave at the end of the school year with a stronger understanding of what it takes to be a successful student. LYFE Scholars also have the opportunity to receive a housing scholarship is available once the resident fulfills the required expectations.

Being a successful student means more than just getting good grades; it's about getting involved on campus and in your local and global communities, knowing the instructors, knowing how and where to access resources, reflecting on the experiences you've had, and planning the experiences still to be had.

What are the requirements? 
The whole purpose is that you will walk away from the semester and the year, a stronger student. To do this, each semester will require you attend and participate in a series of events and activities. You will be expected to attend specific events and some of your choosing that connect to the LYFE pillars.

Fall Requirements

  • Complete the LYFE Scholars Application by Friday, September 7th, 2018.
  • Achieve a 3.0+ GPA (verified in January)
  • Attend a LYFE Orientation Session*
  • Attend three LYFE events that focus on the LYFE pillars*
  • Meet with Academic Initiatives Coordinator*
  • Meet with your Resident Assistant
  • Utilize one of IUPUI’s campus resources or attend a sponsored workshop*
  • Participate in a Fall Service Project or a College University Career event*
  • End of Semester Reflection

* Indicates more information will be available upon enrollment.

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