Resident Spotlights

Stephanie Reichart

First-year student in Ball Residence Hall”

Choosing to live at Ball Hall my freshman year was probably one of the best decisions I have made about college besides choosing to attend IUPUI. Living in Ball Hall has really given me a chance  to make a ton of new friends and I really like how everyone is all under one roof and there is always someone to hang out with and something to do. Living at Ball also makes doing homework and studying easier because there is at least one other person here that has the same class and you can always form study groups which can help to get better grades. Also having so many study tables available is a nice way to get work done and help if it’s needed. One of my favorite things about living at Ball Hall is how it always seems like there is some kind of cool event going on somewhere and there are always opportunities for free food somewhere. I am happy I chose to live here, and this is just a few reasons why I like living in Ball Hall.