Resident Spotlights

Ahmed Malik

IUPUI Riverwalk Apartments resident (Honors Community)

Living in the Honors Residential Community was a great experience for me, and I think it really helped me in my involvement and my academics. I could talk to and get advice from other students who had been or were in the same position as me on what organizations to join, what extracurricular experiences to take part in, etc. A big reason why I am as involved as I am today is because of the culture of participation in which I was immersed when I started college. It was also a great help being around people who were in the same classes as me. I can remember countless nights spent studying with classmates who lived only a door or two down from me, and the guidance I received from my RA on what courses to take and with which professors to take them was invaluable. In addition to the professional and academic aspects, I also had a great time. I got to know so many other students with whom I am now good friends and regularly socialize, and I would never have met them had I not taken advantage of living in the Honors Residential Community.