Residential Based Learning Communities

Major-Based Living Learning Communities

SoIC Community

The SoIC Community, supported by the School of Informatics & Computing, is a residential based learning community reserved for students majoring in one of the schools’ majors, including Media Arts and Science, Informatics, and Health Information Management. The community provides residents with the opportunity to develop relationships with peers who have the same interests and major, while building academic and creative excellence through unique opportunities only open to the SoIC Community residents. The SoIC Community is available to all students, both undergraduate and graduate; however, incoming freshmen students are first priority. 


  • Guaranteed placement in SoIC Summer Bridge (for freshmen)
  • Advisors come to the SoIC Community for early registration sessions
  • Study break parties only for the SoIC Community residents
  • Activities focused on tutoring, career research, and social interaction


  • Declare major within SoIC
  • Complete a minimum of 24 credit hours during the academic year

How to:

  • Apply for on-campus housing as early as possible by clicking here. Please note: All applicants applying prior to March 15th are guaranteed to receive a housing contract.
  • On the IUPUI housing application, in the Residential Based Learning Communities (RBLCs) section, select “SoIC Community”

To learn more about the SoIC Community, contact Melinda McCormick at, or Molly Morin at