Residential Based Learning Communities

Major-Based Living Learning Communities

STEM Community

The STEM Community. located in North Hall, is a unique residential based living and learning community for freshman pursuing degrees in the Schools of Engineering & Technology and Science. This community promotes scholarship and camaraderie among first year science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students. The community provides a student success STEM course specifically designed for residents focusing on academic success, career investigation, identifying healthy behaviors, as well as leadership skills and more. Students in the STEM Community are also encouraged to enroll in the STEM Summer Bridge program. To apply, visit and select the STEM community as your first choice on the housing application. Female residents will be placed in the WISE Wing of the STEM floor.

For further information:

Students pursuing degrees housed in the School of Engineering and Technology should contact Marilyn Mangin at or (317) 278-2407.

Students pursuing degrees housed in the School of Science should contact Diana Sims-Harris at or (317) 274-0637.

Students may also direct questions to Terri Talbert-Hatch at