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The DEAP (Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program) community is a racially diverse Residential Based Learning Community (RBLC) located in North Hall that is open to all students.

The DEAP community houses approximately 35 residents. Its purpose is to provide an environment that fosters student success through personal, academic, and social support to its residents. The community allows students to easily connect with other diverse students, network with faculty/staff, and participate in academic and social programming designed to contribute to their holistic development at IUPUI. Residents in the DEAP community will benefit from:

  • A potential financial aid stipend of up to $2,000 for the academic year
  • A supportive community with professional and student staff dedicated to their success
  • Developmental and cultural enrichment programming
  • Academic and career support resources
  • Peer or faculty/staff mentoring
  • Leadership opportunities and participation in DEAP student organizations 

First-year DEAP community residents are required to participate in the IUPUI Summer Bridge program or a TLC and join DEAP (Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program) at the start of their freshman year. To be eligible for the DEAP community, students should:

  1. Apply for on-campus housing at
  2. Upon completion of the application and payment of the application fee, log into your application and click on "Request a Residential Based Learning Community (RBLC)" and select “DEAP Community” as your first choice.
  3. There will be an individual follow up communication with applicants prior to May 1st

Residential decisions will be made no later than June 1st and students selected to live in the DEAP Community will be notified via contract. For questions regarding housing contracts, please contact IUPUI Housing Office at (317) 274-7200 or

Questions about the DEAP community should be directed to:

Eric D. Williams, Director
Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program (DEAP)

DEAP Members.