Residential Based Learning Communities

Community Leaders of Tomorrow

The Community Leaders of Tomorrow is an on-campus residential living and learning community for male and female first year students of various majors. Residents of the Community Leaders of Tomorrow community will live in an environment that fosters leadership development through community service, leadership trainings, and experiential trips.  The Community Leaders of Tomorrow community will:

  • Provide leadership training and conference opportunities
  • Encourage involvement in community-service activities and experiential trips
  • Facilitate mentoring and networking with leadership and service professional staff and students
  • Provide a community for personal growth and development

The Community Leaders of Tomorrow community houses 30 students in 15 rooms in Ball Hall, floors 2 and 3.  Students are separated by gender on the floors, but will be in the same corner of the building to allow interaction and bonding.  To be eligible for the Community Leaders of Tomorrow community, students should:

  1. Apply for IUPUI Housing by April 1st through the Housing Office.
  2. On the IUPUI Housing application, in the Residential Based Learning Communities box, check "Community Leaders of Tomorrow."
  3. Submit IUPUI Housing application to the Housing Office.
  4. Complete an Community Leaders of Tomorrow Applicant Profile at by April 1st.

Questions should be directed to:

Diana Sims-Harris
Associate Director
Office of Student Involvement
420 University Blvd., Suite 37
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Residential decisions will be made no later than May 1st. Those students selected to live in the Community Leaders of Tomorrow community will be mailed housing contracts. For questions regarding housing contracts, please contact the IUPUI Housing Office at (317) 274-7200 or