My Contract Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract Process and Timeline (Pre-Contract Offer)

  • When do contract offers become available?

    Contracts offers are done in multiple rounds between April and August. Not everyone will receive a contract offer at the same time. Your specific contract offer date depends on your preferences as well as your application date.

  • How do I know when my specific contract offer is ready?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a specific date for when your contract will be uploaded to view.  Contract offers go out every Thursday, beginning March 22, and you have 5 days to sign and pay the contract prepayment.  We do send an email to the address you have on file letting you know your contract is uploaded.  However, we recommend you not rely on email notification (these sometimes go to spam) and instead log into your Housing Service Center anytime after 3:00 p.m. every Thursday.


  • How do I view and sign my contract?

    All contracts are available online. Each Thursday, you can log into the Housing Service Center (HSC) at and you will see your housing contract offer link listed under the Academic Year 18-19 section.

  • How long will I have to sign my contract?

    You will have 5 days. Contract are uploaded on Thursdays and, if not signed, contracts will automatically expire Monday at midnight. 

  • I am having trouble logging into my account?

    Please double check that you are using your university username and passphrase, not a guest account, and you have been admitted by the university.  Also, make sure it has been longer than three days since you created your passphrase. If you have double checked all of these please take a screenshot of the error message you are receiving and email to If you have not created a university account or are having issues with a passphrase, please visit for help and information.

Contract Offer

  • Why is there a $400 prepayment?

    The prepayment is due at the time of signing to secure your housing contract and is a prepayment of your fall rent or a contract breakage fee, should you cancel your contract at a  later date.  

  • Can I use my loans or scholarships to pay my prepayment?

    Traditional loans and scholarships that are added to the Bursar Account are not available until July or August and go to pay charges on the Bursar Account.  Since the prepayment is due at the time the contract is signed, loans and scholarships cannot be used to pay that fee.  However, if all charges on the account are paid with other loans or scholarships, you can potentially receive part or all of the prepayment back in the form of a refund from the Bursar’s Office at the start of the fall semester. 

  • What forms of payment do you accept for the prepayment?

    Once you have completed your electronic signature on your contract the next portion will instruct you on paying the prepayment through PayPal.  You can pay with credit, debit, or your PayPal account if you have one set up.

  • Someone else is paying for my housing, so can they sign my contract for me?

    All contract agreements are directly with the student listed on the contract.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life does not give out contract information to third parties.  It is illegal to have anyone other than the student listed sign the housing contract. 

  • If I am under 18, do I still need a co-signer?

    Any student who will be under 18 at the time they sign their contract will be required to have a co-signer. The co-signer should be reviewing the contract terms with the student and willsign at the same time in the co-signer signature box.

  • How do I know my contract is completed?

    Your contract is completed once you complete the electronic signature and pay your prepayment. There are two ways to confirm that your contract was completed - Check your university email account for the contract confirmation email or view your Housing Service Center homepage, where will see your Housing Contract and the message “Submitted on <date>.”
  • Why didn’t I get one of my top preferences?

    If you did not get one of your top preferences, it is likely because those spaces have been offered to students who applied before you. The housing office does its best to get students as many of their top preferences as possible, however we cannot guarantee that everyone will get their first choice or all of the preferences that they list on their application.

  • Can I get a different offer?

    We can not always guarantee additional offers.  Please contact our office via email at if you have questions about your offer.

  • Am I guaranteed a different building or room type if I request a second offer?

    Once a contract is declined the building and room will go back on the inventory for another round. There is no guarantee what room type a second offer will be for as it depends on other students who are also signing and declining offers.

  • What do I do if I still didn’t get my first preference on my second offer?

    Due to the high demand for housing we cannot do more than two offers for each student.  To be guaranteed a space on campus you would need to sign your first or second contract offer.  You do have the option to decline your second offer and be placed on a waitlist for your top preference, however, at that point we can no longer guarantee you another contract or a space on campus.  A third offer would just be based on if the room type you were waiting on opened up and you were next in line. 

What's Next After Contract Signing?

  • Can I cancel my housing even after I sign my contract?

    You can cancel your contract at any time by emailing from your university email account.  We do not accept cancellations over the phone, from third parties, or non-university email accounts.  There is a breakage fee of $400 when cancelling before your contract start date.  It increases to up to 60% of your remaining contract term if cancelled after your contract start date.  For full contract cancellation terms and details, please refer to your housing contract which is available after you log in at

  • What if I am not attending the university anymore?

    You will still need to cancel your housing contract in writing with the Housing Office and your cancellation terms will apply. Be sure to email to cancel your housing contract as soon as you have decided you no longer need housing and that you are no longer attending to help minimize your cancellation fees.

  • When is Move In?

    This question will be updated as soon as Move-In is announced.

  • Can I move in early?

    If you have a university approved program, class, or sport you can request to move in early.  All request must be made online by filling out the Early Arrival Request form in your Housing Service Center between June 1 and July 15.

  • Where are the details for where to go on my move in day?

    Move in is different depending on which day you are moving in and which building you are moving into.  Move in information is emailed to students in early August.  We will start with students moving in for the early programs, sports, or classes. 

  • What is provided in my room?

    Explore the move in guide for packing lists to help you plan what to bring and also identify what is already provided for the room is on that list. 

  • When will rent be charged for my housing?

    Rent is charged in one lump sum for each semester in early August and late November.  The bill goes directly onto the Bursar Account.

  • How can I pay for my housing?

    Financial aid, scholarships, and grants can go towards paying charges added to your Bursar Account.  Tuition and fees are often paid first so, we cannot guarantee that all housing charges will be covered or what each payment you make will go towards.  You will need to contact the Office of Student Financial Services for more information on how loans and scholarships are used on charges and payment options if financial aid does not cover all of your costs. 

  • Can I get a parking permit for my car?

    Depending on which building you are living in Parking Services does provide permits at an additional charge.  These are on a first come, first service basis and more information can be found at 

Meal Plan
  • Is a Meal Plan Required?

    Meal plans are required for Ball Hall, North Hall, and University Tower.  Residents of these facilities will automatically be assigned an All Access 7 Day Meal Plan once your housing contract has been confirmed.  For more information about the meal plans or to change your assigned meal plan, visit  You can also contact IUPUI Meal Plans at or (317) 274-2700.

  • Are there meal plans available for Riverwalk Apartments and Townhomes residents?

    IUPUI Meal Plans offers several elective meal plans for IUPUI students.  Visit for more details.

Roommate FAQs

Requesting a Roommate
  • When can I request a roommate?

    Students who have signed matching contracts can request to be roommates June 1 - June 30 in the Housing Service Center.

  • What do you mean we have to have identical contracts?

    All students requesting each other must have the same building, room type, and RBLC listed on their contract in order to request each other.  If the contracts do not list the same terms there is no option to be roomed together. 

  • How do I add or remove a roommate request?

    To add or remove a roommate, you will need to log onto the Housing Service Center and under your signed contract there will be a link to update roommate preferences.  When adding a roommate request you will need their University ID Number and they have to have signed their housing contract.  To remove a roommate request you will just delete the university ID number.  If all applicants have listed each other on their request you will see “confirmed” listed next to their name.  

  • It says ‘confirmed’ on our roommmate request. Does that mean we are guaranteed to be placed together?

    Confirmed means that all students have logged in and requested each other, however, this still is not a guarantee of placement with a specific person.

  • It says ‘unconfirmed’ on my roommate request. What does that mean?

    This means one of the following:

    • Your requested roommate has not requested you,
    • Your requested roommate has not completed their contract,
    • Or your requested roommate has entered your ID number incorrectly.
    If this says unconfirmed, we can not place you with your requested roommate.  Please contact your requested roommate and have them check their account.
  • When will I find out if I got my requested roommate?

    Roommate information will be sent out along with move in information starting in early August.  Students who are moving in early for programs or orientation will receive their emails first and then we will work on students who are moving in for Fall.  

  • How are University Tower roommates assigned?

    Because University Tower is made up of double and triple rooms that are randomly assigned, you may have two roommates, even if you have only requested one.  Requesting only one roommate will not result in automatic placement in a double.  

Random Roommate Assignments
  • How are roommates assigned if I didn’t request or get a specific person?

    Roommate assignments are done at random and are based on facility, roomtype, and RBLC signed for as well as age, gender identity and biological sex.  

  • When will I find out who is assigned as my roommate?

    Roommate information will be sent out along with move in information starting in early August.  Students who are moving in early for programs or orientation will receive their emails first and then we will work on students who are moving in for Fall Move In.  

  • Is there any way I can go about looking for a specific roommate?

    Although it is not required to request a roommate, some students do meet through orientation in June or on the building specific Facebook page that is designated for anyone who will be living in that facility.  Housing and Residence Life does not facilitate any roommate matching prior to move in, but our staff does have an extensive roommate satisfaction program for all residents once you move.  This program assists in setting agreements, managing disputes, and building a better relationship with your roommate whether you knew them before or not.