Billing and Payments

Paying your housing charges is kept simple to allow you to focus on your academics and experiences at IUPUI. The following information addresses questions you may have about prepayments, paying your bill, and related financial information. Detailed financial or billing questions should be directed to the Office of the Bursar.

  • Housing Prepayments

    New, incoming students receiving an IUPUI Housing contract are required to make a $400.00 prepayment at the time the housing contract is signed. Prepayments must accompany the signed contract and be returned directly to the Office of Housing and Residence Life for processing. Ball Hall, University Tower, North Hall, Riverwalk Apartments and Townhome prepayments will be posted to the student's Bursar account as a credit/payment and will apply directly to that semester's rent. Park Place prepayments will be made payable directly to Park Place and will not show on the student's Bursar account.

    The Office of Housing and Residence Life does not collect or hold refundable damage deposits.

  • Billing Information

    Housing charges, including rent and ResLife fee, are billed in full on a full semester basis. They are due and payable according to the Bursar billing due dates with all housing charges paid in full prior to mid-term exam period. This does not mean that you can pay at the end of the semester.

    Note:  Any and all payments made to the Bursar account apply to tuition and tuition related charges first.  You may not select just to pay your housing charges so please be sure your housing charges are paid.

    Important Details:

    • Housing rental charges for an academic year are posted in two installments: the first one is posted prior to the beginning of the fall semester and the second prior to the start of spring semester. Summer charges are posted approximately one month prior to the approved summer move in date on the housing agreement.
    • All short-term contracts (less than ninety (90) days, no less than thirty (30) days) must be paid in full, prior to the start of the contract period.
    • Occupancy of accommodation extending beyond any contract period requires additional charges based on the prevailing daily rate and availability and must be requested and approved prior to the end of the contract term. Extensions of stay, are less than thirty-one (31) days, and must be paid in full at the time of confirmation and approval.  Extension of stay request forms are available in the main Housing and Residence Life Office.
    • Park Place rent is not billed to the IUPUI Bursar account and will be paid directly to Park Place. Park Place offers a monthly payment option.
    • Residence Life fees are billed at the start of each semester at the same time as rent on the student's Bursar account regardless of housing facility.
  • Daily Rate Calculations

    The Housing and Residence Life billing system calculates rent on a daily basis. The daily rate will be printed on the contract; however, the full semester charge will be billed in one lump sum on the Bursar account. Charges are prorated and students are billed the actual number of days of the contract including any additional days for early arrivals or extensions.

  • Financial Aid or Scholarship Recipients

    Financial Aid recipients may use their financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans etc.) to pay for their housing charges. Regardless of financial aid status, all housing charges must be paid in full by the last deferment due date according to the Bursar. Payment of rent is not contingent upon financial aid and students with unpaid balances or zero hours risk eviction. It is the responsibility of the resident to provide the Housing Office with further information pertinent to his/her financial aid status if they are subject to eviction for non-payment. The Office of Housing and Residence Life does not have access to a student’s financial aid records.

  • Extenuating Circumstances Payment Schedule

    Under unusual and extreme circumstances (to be determined by the Office of Housing and Residence Life), a resident may be granted a short-term deferment on housing monies due. A request for deferment must be made directly to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. The student must submit documentation that sufficient funds are being obtained to pay off their Bursar account.

  • Making Payments

    These payment options only apply to paying charges that have posted onto your Bursar account. Prepayments cannot be paid using these methods. Commonly accepted forms of payments include cash, check, money order and most major credit cards.

    Self-Service Online

    Your student account, including all housing charges, can be paid over the internet by using a service called IU Bursar Pay. IU Bursar Pay can be found by logging into your OneStart account, view “Self Service” tab, find “Bursar” channel and click on “Make a Payment.” You can also go directly to Bursar Pay Options for more information about this system. You cannot use IU Bursar Pay to pay the pre-payment amount.

    Through the self-service online system you may also create authorized payers, who can use a unique user code/password that you can assign. Authorized payers (parents, etc.) can set-up personal checking, credit card, or savings account information that can only be seen by the payer and they can access to make payment directly to your bursar account.

    In Person

    All in-person payment transactions must be completed at the Office of Student Financial Services during regular business hours.

    IUPUI Campus Center
    420 University Boulevard, Suite 250

    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    US Mail

    Payments can also be sent directly to the following address provided that payments are payable to IUPUI and include the student's University Identification number to ensure correct posting.

    IUPUI Lockbox
    Payment Processing Center
    P.O. Box 7245
    Indianapolis, IN 46206-7245


  • Third Party Inquiries

    The Office of Housing and Residence Life does not discuss student financial information with a third party, unless permission is expressly granted by the student to the Office of Housing and Residence Life in writing. This request is separate from the process to authorize individual via 3rd Party Acess via One.IU or any other forms filled out through the Bursar's Office. If a student would like to designate a third party to discuss housing charges they should contact Housing and Residence Life at for specific instructions and forms.