Move-In Guide


Make the most of your on-campus experience by developing a successful relationship with your roommate! The Office of Housing and Residence Life is invested in our residents having successful roommate relationships and is currently working on a multi-year project examining positive impact behaviors and what effects they have on roommate relationships. Research indicates that you are more likely to have a positive living experience with your roommate when you talk daily, share a meal, and hang out at least 3x per week.

The behaviors and frequencies listed below are those that were reported to have worked and benefited previous roommates. We understand that each roommate relationship will be different and that these frequences may be different for you, but always use this as a starting point when developing your new relationship!

Frequency Behavior
Daily Casual In-Person Communication

Spending Social Time with Roommates

Conversations Adding Perspective


Spending Social Time with Those Who Are Not My Roommate

Setting Aside Personal Expectations

Helping in a Difficult Time

Being Understanding and Having Patience

Interacting on Social Media


  • How do I add or remove a roommate request?

    To add or remove a roommate log onto the Housing Service Center and under your completed application there will be a link to update roommate preferences.  When adding a roommate request you will need their University ID Number and they have to have completed their housing application.  To remove a roommate request you will just delete the university ID number and click the submit button at the bottom of the update page.  If both applicants have listed each other on their application you will see confirmed listed next to their name.  

  • When is the last day I can update that request?

    The last day to log in and request roommates is June 30th.

  • It says ‘confirmed’ on our applications, does that mean we are guaranteed to be placed together?

    Roommate requests are honored whenever possible, however, we cannot guarantee that all roommates will be placed together.  The best chance of being placed together is if requested roommates applied close together (usually within 1 week or less), preferences were listed the same on the application, and roommate request was listed as first priority.  If your roommate request is listed as first priority, you may not get your preferred building as we will work to get you with your roommate.

  • Can I request a roommate even after I sign my contract?

    Since roommate request can be updated until June 30th, we would encourage you to still make these adjustments even after you have signed your contract.  Make sure that your requested roommate has the same contract as you or we cannot try to place you together. 

  • My contract lists a Residential Based Learning Community but my request roommate’s doesn’t, can we still room together?

    No, the intent of the learning community is to achieve the intended goals of that community so if both students are not offered housing for the same residential based learning community then they cannot be assigned together.

  • Why is my roommate not listed on my contract?

    In order to give as much time possible to sign contracts and add/change requested roommates, assignments and roommate placements are not started until mid-July.  If you requested a specific roommate(s) you will need to make sure that the contracts that you sign are identical.  The building, room type, and RBLC should list the exact same things.  

  • What if my requested roommate and I didn’t get the same offer?

    There can be many reasons why students would receive different contracts.  If the applications were too far apart, if one student requested and signed for a Residential Based Learning Community, or if one student requested their facility as a priority over their roommate are just a few of the reasons.  In the event you and your requested roommate do not have the same contract or if one of you gets a contract before the other please contact our office and we can assist you further. 

  • When will I find out who my roommate is?

    Roommate information will be emailed along with move-in information starting in early August.  Students who are moving in early for programs or orientation will receive their emails first and then we will work on students who are moving in for Fall Move In.  

  • How are roommates assigned if I didn’t request or get a specific person?

    Roommate assignments are random and based on the student’s eligibility for the available space.

  • Is there any way I can go about looking for a roommate?

    Although it is not required to request a roommate, some students do meet through orientation or on the building specific facebook page that is designated for anyone who will be living in that facility.  Housing and Residence Life does not facilitate any roommate searching prior to move in, but our staff does have an extensive roommate satisfaction program for all residents once you move in which will assist in setting agreements, managing conflicts, and building a better relationship with your roommate whether or not you knew them before moving in.