Preparing for Move-In


Make the most of your on-campus experience by developing a successful relationship with your roommate! The Office of Housing and Residence Life is invested in our residents having successful roommate relationships and is currently working on a multi-year project examining positive impact behaviors and what effects they have on roommate relationships. Research indicates that you are more likely to have a positive living experience with your roommate when you talk daily, share a meal, and hang out at least 3x per week.

The behaviors and frequencies listed below are those that were reported to have worked and benefited previous roommates. We understand that each roommate relationship will be different and that these frequences may be different for you, but always use this as a starting point when developing your new relationship!

Frequency Behavior
Daily Casual In-Person Communication

Spending Social Time with Roommates

Conversations Adding Perspective


Spending Social Time with Those Who Are Not My Roommate

Setting Aside Personal Expectations

Helping in a Difficult Time

Being Understanding and Having Patience

Interacting on Social Media

For questions about the roommate assignment process, visit our FAQs.