Academic Initiatives Overview

Academic Initiatives

Supporting your academic journey is our priority and we offer programming to help you be successful.  Scholarship opportunities focused on connecting students to IUPUI resources, and programming based on a residential curriculum are just a few examples of how we help to prepare you for life.

LYFE Scholars

The LYFE Scholars program is a scholarship program for first-year students who would like to learn skills to become a successful student.

SEE Program

The SEE Scholarship program works with second-year students to navigate the challenges unique to your IUPUI journey.


Residential Curriculum

When you choose to live on-campus, you gain access to an environment that supports investing in your academic success, exploring who you are, and engaging in the IUPUI community and beyond.  Our priority is to help you prepare for life by creating engaging programs specific to each of our communities.  For details on our programming and learning outcomes, visit our Residential Curriculum page.

Find out other ways living on campus helps prepare you for life!

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