Riverwalk Shared Suites

Riverwalk Shared Suites

Riverwalk Shared Suites offer the elements of the traditional residence hall you will enjoy, with the amenities you highly desire.  275 first-year students have the opportunity to experience traditional living, redefined in our 1-bedroom suites, for 2 residents, and 2-bedroom suites, for 4 residents.

With traditional elements, like a shared bedroom, residents also have a versitile suite style lounge space, and a laundry room.  Because the suites also feature a full kitchen, a meal plan is not required, but it is encouraged.


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Description of the video:

Riverwalk is a versatile facility with both suite style options open only to first-year students, and apartments open to all students.

It provides a unique opportunity for you to experience more independent living

while still having access to all the benefits of living on campus.

Join us on this tour, where we will explore the Riverwalk suites,

and see why so many of our residents love to call IUPUI home!

We begin here at the shuttle.

There are several shuttle stops throughout the community including one right here at the Riverwalk courtyard.

A shuttle arrives every 10 minutes and can get you to the campus center typically within five minutes.

Located in the courtyard is the community office where you can pick up packages and access other services from our staff such as lockout and work order assistance. On that note to set yourself up for a successful experience on campus by becoming familiar with important housing policies and procedures go on our website for our full residential handbook. Now let's take a closer look at Riverwalk's first year only option Riverwalk shared suites.

Riverwalk shared suites are two-person occupancy suites with these features that you would share with your roommate.

The lounge area includes a desk for each student, dining table, and chairs.

There's a full kitchen with a stove and oven, sink, microwave, and refrigerator. Each suite has a washer and dryer.

Here is the full bathroom

The bedroom includes a twin extra large bed and mattress, and a three drawer dresser for each resident, as well as a closet in each room

You'll enjoy other features including high-speed internet, programs and events from our residence life staff, opportunities to get involved, resident parking nearby, and computers with print stations.

Living on campus is easy with housing costs built to your bursar account,

which include all basic utilities and membership to campus recreation at no added cost.

This has been a quick tour of Riverwalk!

Click the links in the description for a 360 view of this hall and to review a packing list of what to bring when you move in.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home on campus!

Suites Feature:

  • Contemporary Furnishings, Including:

Desk, Desk Chair per resident, Dining Table, Dining Chairs

Bedrooms:Twin XL Bed, Dresser per resident

  • Full Bath per 2 residents
  • Full Kitchen
  • Washer and Dryer in each suite
  • Xfinity on Campus
  • High speed internet
  • Window Blinds

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