The DEAP (Diversity Enrichment and Achievement Program) House community is a racially diverse community whose purpose is to provide an environment that fosters student success through personal, academic, and social support to its residents. The community allows students to easily connect with other diverse students, network with faculty/staff, and participate in academic and social programming designed to contribute to their holistic development at IUPUI.


Room Type

  • North Hall 
    • Shared double
    • Single (limited) 



  • Cultural and developmental programming
  • Supportive, Diverse Community 
  • Academic and career support resources
  • Peer or faculty/staff mentoring
  • $2,000-$2,500 financial aid stipend for the academic year


Eligibility and next steps for incoming full-time, first-year students

  • All Full-time, First year students are eligible 
  • Apply to IUPUI Housing and select the DEAP House as your RBLC preference 
  • Apply to the DEAP program
  • Enroll in the DEAP House UCOL-U110 First-Year Seminar (2cr.) during your Fall registration 
  • Applications open March 1st 
  • Contract offers begin in June for full-time, first-year students


Eligibility and Next Steps for Returning DEAP Participants

  • Returning DEAP participants are eligible 
  • Apply to the IUPUI Housing when application open in the spring
  • Select the DEAP House as your RBLC preference 



For more information, contact Cory Clark ( or Asia Morris (


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