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Completing the application is just the first step. Learn more about how to check in on your housing contract, what important deadlines and tasks are coming up, and how to maximize your housing experience.

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When, who and how? Learn everything you need to know to about requesting a roommate and when you’ll find out who your roommates will be.

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University Tower

university tower

"I learned how to be independent, how to take care of my needs, and learned my social limits. I also grew in getting my work done without having to be told and stayed on top of my assignments and activities."
2019 Survey Response from a University Tower Resident

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Ball Hall

Ball Exterior

"I was able to meet new people and build a new life and community for myself and others. I joined Ball Hall Council and made many new friends and learned a lot about other cultures and people."
2018 Survey Response from a Ball Hall Resident

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North Hall

north hall

"Living in on-campus housing was definitely beneficial to my social and personal life, especially as a freshman. It exposed me to new people who look and think differently than me, creating a safe, healthy environment for me to grow.​"
2019 Survey Response from a North Hall Resident

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"These past two years I've really enjoyed living on campus. It makes it so easy for me to get to my classes on time without having to wake up at some super early hour. Almost everyone is friendly and helps you in the right direction when you need it."
2019 Survey Response from a Riverwalk Apartments Resident

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Where do I get my mail? Does my residence hall close during winter break? What happens if something breaks in my room? Your residential handbook has the answer to all kinds of questions and can help you get the most out of your residence hall experience.

Residential Handbook

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