Break Information

Break Information

**Break periods have changed for the 2020-21 academic year. Please refer to the Housing Addendum.


Break periods throughout the academic year are important times for students to relax, renew focus on their academics, and catch up with friends and family back home. Information about each break period is listed below. For more information, please contact your community office.


During fall break, residents can choose to remain on campus.  There are no additional rental fees or registrations for staying during this period.  If you are expecting packages, the community offices will be closed during fall break, so please plan accordingly.

During this break period, residents can choose to remain on campus and there are no additional rental fees or registrations for staying on-campus during this timeframe.  All housing offices will be closed the Thursday and Friday of this break. It is important to plan accordingly during this period if you are expecting important items to ship, as deliveries during this time won't be received.

Ball Residence Hall, University Tower, and North Hall will close for winter break. During this period, residents are not required to remove their belongings; however, they will not be able to re-enter their residence hall until after these buildings re-open for spring semester. 

Riverwalk Apartments, Townhomes, and Shared Suite residents may stay during winter break, as this period is included as part of their housing contract.

Community offices for all facilities will be closed during the break.  If you are expecting important packages to ship during that timeframe, please plan accordingly.

If you have an emergency work order or facility issue, please call the RA on duty regardless of the time of day.  If you are locked out or require the assistance of a staff member, please expect the staff member to take longer to arrive, depending on your location and the facility the staff member is coming from.  Students who are locked out during winter break are subject to a $50 lockout fee instead of the standard $15 fee.

Eligible students are required to register for winter break if they are planning to stay.  This registration link will be sent to your IUPUI email address a couple of weeks before the break period.

During spring break, residents can choose to remain on campus for the break. There are no additional rental fees and registration is not required for staying during this period. If you are expecting packages, keep in mind that your community office will be closed during the break.

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