Move-Out is May 8 by noon! 

If you need an extension or summer housing, please apply at this link by May 1:

Step 1

Attend Your Closing Meeting

  • Learn about your full move out process in detail to avoid inconveniences or charges.
    • Sign up for your move out time at your community desk.
    • 24 hour quiet hours will be in place for finals week (April 29 - May 8).
    • Change your package and mail address.
  • Attendance will be taken.

Step 2

Sign Up for a Move-out Inspection

  • Sign up for a required move-out inspection time at your community desk.
    • Thoroughly clean your space and remove all belongings before you show up for your move out inspection to avoid charges. 
    • All residents will be entered into a drawing for $20 Amazon gift cards when they complete their inspection! 
    • Cleaning supplies are available to check out at your community desk during open hours.
    • Leave 3M or other hanging strips on the wall to avoid charges; pulling them off may cause more wall damage. 
    • Return furniture to the position it was then you moved in. 
    • Change your address with USPS and any businesses you ship from. Any mail received after May 8th will be returned to sender.


Step 3

Pack and Clean

  • Clean up any large messes to avoid damage charges.

  • Cleaning supplies are available at your community desk. 

  • Remove furniture to it original layout position and half-loft beds if applicable.


Step 4

Donate Responsibly

  • Donate gently used items to charity of your choice. Do not donate broken or dirty items.
  • Donate non-perishable food items to Paws Pantry.


Step 5

Move Out

  • Say goodbye to your IUPUI home by moving out all of your items.

  • Triple check that you have all of your items before moving out!

  • Everyone who checks out with a staff member through a time they select at the com desk gets entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card!