Residential Curriculum

Residential Curriculum

In Housing and Residence Life, we care about more than just providing the facilities for premiere on-campus urban living.  We care about providing a high quality on campus living and learning experience.  

​When students choose to live with us, they gain unique access to an environment that supports INVESTING in one's academic success, EXPLORING who you are, and ENGAGING in the community and beyond.

Our priority is helping students prepare for life by engaging in communities where they build meaningful relationships, develop a holistic sense of self, understand diverse perspectives, and gain skills and resources to succeed academically and personally.

  • Identify how to build positive relationships with students, faculty, and staff for academic, career, and personal success.  
  • Demonstrate skills needed for self-reliance and independent living.
  • Implement strategies that affect academic success

  • Illustrate personal styles of communication and problem solving skills through interactions with roommates and community members.​
  • Utilize healthy behaviors to balance the mind and the body.
  • Articulate an intersectional understanding of power, privilege, and oppression.

  • Utilize opportunities to civically engage in events and issues that are occurring at a residential, local, national, and international level.
  • Build awareness of and support for people with different social identities.
  • Implement sustainable practices and resources in daily life.

In addition to the programming offered throughout the school year, a roommate-focused curriculum is provided during the first six weeks of the fall semester. Residents participate in structured events and opportunities in the residence halls to connect with their roommates and neighbors through social events, intentional conversations about communication styles, and engaging in perspective changing exercises to help students understand perspectives that may differ from their own.

Participating in these resident assistant facilitated experiences during the first six weeks leads to a more successful start to your on-campus living and learning experience.

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