Residential Curriculum

Residential Curriculum

We care about more than just providing the facilities for premier on-campus urban living.  We care about providing you with a high quality on-campus living and learning experience. 

​When you choose to live with us, you gain unique access to an environment that supports your development in and out of the classroom. You will build connections that celebrate differences, foster community, and promote personal and community responsibility.

2,700The number of conversations RAs had with residents about our learning goals

95%The percentage of students who reported having at least an okay or great roommate relationship

300The number of activities hosted by RAs that supported learning and connection

Personal Responsibility

You will be able to assume responsibility for your individual experience by applying values to your decision making.

  • Define personal values.
  • Analyze actions of self and others through a lens of personal values.
  • Apply personal values to individual actions in one on one and group settings.
Interpersonal Communication

You will build relationships, actively solve problems, and resolve conflicts through understanding communication styles to accomplish personal and relational goals.

  • Describe different types of communication styles.
  • Utilize identified methods of communication.
  • Reflect on the method of communication utilized in an individual circumstance to prepare for future interactions.
Identity Development

You will identify social and personal identities, understand your positionality with the development of self and others identities, and learn how to practice social justice advocacy in your residential, IUPUI, and Indianapolis communities.

  • Discuss social and personal identity.
  • Interpret how social identities impact your communities to varying degrees.
  • Examine active and passive participation in institutions of oppression.
Community Engagement

You will make connections with others within your residential, IUPUI, and Indianapolis communities. You will be introduced to the complexity of social issues and make positive contributions.

  • Develop awareness of the various types of communities and social issues that exist.
  • Discover methods for engaging with a community or social issue.
  • Evaluate how specific individual and group actions impact a community or social issue.

Connections to IUPUI PLUS

We are committed to furthering your educational pursuits both inside and outside of the classroom. For this reason, our residential curriculum was designed keeping in mind IUPUI’s Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success. The Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success prepare you to communicate, innovate, solve problems, and contribute to local and global communities.

In our work with our residential curriculum, the learning experiences we promote also support co-curricular activities on campus, the general education program, and even major- and minor-specific course work. 

Personal Responsibility support’s the Profile’s focus on students being a Problem Solver.

Interpersonal Communication directly connects to the Profile’s focus on students being a Communicator.

Identity Development and Community Engagement build upon one another to support the Profile’s focus on students leaving IUPUI to become Community Contributors.  

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