Housing Contracts

Housing Contracts

While living on campus you will have a housing contract that defines important aspects of what it means to be a student living in university residences. From billing details to behavioral expectations, your housing contract is an important document that you should be familiar with, as well as the documents incorporated by reference: the Residential Handbook and the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Many questions can be answered between these documents and there is important information in each of these to help you navigate life on campus successfully.

Academic Year 2023-24 Contract Sample

Review the standard contract to become familiar with the contract terms prior to receiving your contract.

2023-24 Contract questions for students under 18

If you are under 18 when you sign your housing agreement, you will be required to have a parent/guardian also complete a housing agreement. Your parent/guardian will get an email with a link to complete their agreement in approximately an hour of when you submitted your housing agreement and received your contract submitted confirmation email in your University email account.

The parent/guardian agreement includes the housing agreement terms as well as the following additional terms specific for parents/guardians:

69. If my child is under 18:

(a) I, as the parent or legal guardian, acknowledge and agree to the terms contained in this Contract, as well as the terms of the HRL Residential Handbook which may be updated periodically, including those specifically related to COVID-19, on behalf of my child.

(b) Acknowledgment, Assumption of Risk, and Hold Harmless: I understand that by my child residing in HRL housing, I, on behalf of my child, am assuming the risks associated with communal living and, as in any shared living environment, those risks include potential exposure to contagious viruses, including COVID-19. I, on behalf of my child, hereby agree to release and fully discharge the Trustees of Indiana University, its agents, and employees from any and all damages, liability, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees), or loss (collectively, “Claims”) related in any way to my child’s use of space within Housing, including those related to the potential or actual exposure to contagious viruses like COVID-19, that may be brought by me or my child, and to indemnify and hold harmless the University its agents, and employees from any Claims related in any way to my child’s breach of the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract and/or any applicable Addendum, or a breach by any third party, including, but not limited to other residents, of an applicable Housing Contract and/or Addendum.

(c) By checking the box below, initialing, and submitting this document, I understand that I am binding not only myself and my child, but also the successors, heirs, representatives, administrators, and assigns of myself and my child.

70. All of the provisions in the Housing Contract remain and I understand that my child will work directly with Housing and Residence Life for any housing related processes, including but not limited to room upgrade or room change requests, check in or check out process acknowledgements, or other administrative processes that may require my student to agree.

Upon receipt of your parent/guardian email notice you can view your housing agreement using the link provided. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure your agreement is properly linked to your student. Your agreement should be completed within ten days of when you received the email notification or your student's housing agreement may be considered invalid.

When your agreement is submitted, you will get a copy of the agreement and our team will review the submission and match it back to your child's housing agreement entry. When our team has processed your agreement you will receive a confirmation email indicating one of the following:

  • Completed: This indicates your agreement was successfully matched to your child's housing agreement.
  • Incomplete: This indicates your agreement could not be correctly matched to your child's housing agreement. Please refer to the email link sent initially to resubmit the form and pay special attention to the instructions. Typically this occurs because you selected the incorrect student or entered inconsistent email information.

If you have questions about the parent/guardian agreement details, please refer to the confirmation email from your agreement submission or contact our office.