Housing Contracts

Housing Contracts

While living on campus you will have a housing contract that defines important aspects of what it means to be a student living in university residences. From billing details to behavioral expectations, your housing contract is an important document that you should be familiar with, as well as the documents incorporated by reference: the Residential Handbook and the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. Many questions can be answered between these documents and there is important information in each of these to help you navigate life on campus successfully.

Academic Year 2020-21 Only: Students living on campus must complete a contract addendum in order to be eligible to move in. The 2020-21 housing contract, addendum, process information, and addendum frequently asked questions are detailed below.


2020-21 Contract and Addendum Samples

Review the standard contract and standard Addendum language using these links. If you need to complete the Addendum, please use the instructions and links near the bottom of this page.


General Addendum Questions

An addendum is necessary to ensure you are aware of the changes implemented over the last few months that impact the 2020-21 academic year. Revised policies, billing information, and updates to the academic calendar impact the role of housing in supporting your academic experience and we want to be sure you are informed about these changes.

The addendum does not change your housing assignment, however it does change or expand some of the terms of your housing contract. Please be sure to review the addendum closely.

If you do not have a housing contract you are not eligible to complete the Addendum. You will receive instructions on completing the Addendum within two business days of submitting the first part of the housing contract process.

Your housing contract and addendum include fall in person and spring in person sessions. There will be a request process to remain on campus during the online learning sessions which will open in September.

Students living on campus during the fall in person session have a contract that includes both fall and spring so a new contract is not needed.

No, if you are only living on campus for the fall and spring in person sessions, you can leave items in your room that you don't need with you during the online learning session. During the online learning session you will not have access to return to your room until the spring in person session.

The addendum addresses important changes that you need to be aware of so the addendum is not optional to complete if you want to live on campus. Please be sure to review the addendum information carefully and complete that process. Students who have not completed the addendum will not be allowed to move in.

Online learning period questions

Please complete the Request to Remain Form on or before November 1, 2020.


Yes, please review the online session housing rates and dining rates if you have a required meal plan for additional details.


Bills for the intersessions (online sessions) will be posted in one full lump sum on your Spring semester bill in mid-November.


All students may submit a request to remain during the online sessions. Priority consideration will be given to students who would be experiencing hardship by not remaining on campus.


The intent to de-densify housing during the peak influenza season is intended to support a healthy experience for residents remaining on campus during the online sessions. Requests to remain during the online sessions require an explanation of need where requesting housing for only one online session is inconsistent with the intent to provide housing for students whose housing during the online sessions is necessary to avoid or reduce hardship.


No, students who are choosing to return home for the intersessions may leave their belongings in their rooms. Access will shut off at noon on Wednesday November 25th and you will not be able to access your space again until the in-person session starts in February.


Yes, expect that services available to you will be reduced during this time. More details are included in the request form and final details will be sent to students about a week prior to the start of the first intersession.


Students who live in Riverwalk will remain in their current room and do not have to relocate.

Depending on the volume of requests, students living in traditional residence halls (Ball Residence Hall, North Hall, and University Tower) may be required to temporarily relocate for the online sessions for safety reasons. If you are required to relocate, you will be provided advanced notice with instructions. Billing would be applied based on your permanent housing room type prior to the room change and you will be required to move back to your permanent residence hall assignment when we transition back to the spring in-person session.


Ball Hall, North Hall, and University Tower will close for winter break starting at 12pm on, Monday, December 21, 2020 through 8am, Friday, January 8th, 2021. Requesting to stay during the winter break period is not included in the current request form for the online sessions. If you also need to stay during this time we will provide information on that process in early November.

If you are also approved to remain for the winter break period, you will be required to relocate to the Riverwalk Apartments since the residence halls will be closed and you would be charged additional rent for the winter break dates listed above as the traditional break period is not included in the standard rates.

Yes, typically when a request is denied there were insufficient details provided in the request or the request was not clear. If your request was denied, please resubmit and include necessary detail to help the review committee in their decision making.
Request Form

Yes, please send cancellations to reslife@iupui.edu from your University email account. Refer to the request form content for details on how cancellations will work and cancellation deadline information. Note: Cancelling your request is separate from cancelling your housing contract.