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Next Steps

Completing your application and contract is the first step in securing on campus housing but not the only thing to consider about living on campus. Take a look at these options to maximize your housing experience and help our staff find the best available housing experience for you. Do you want to live with students in the same major or interest area? Are you interested in updating your application or thinking about gender inclusive living?

While you're waiting to know more about what your future on campus holds, explore some other options available to you.

Roommate Request

Whether you want to live with your best friend or decide to live with someone completely new, click below to find out how the roommate process works, the roommate request timeline, and how our staff helps you create healthy roommate relationships.


New! Micro Fridge Rental

We are happy to announce that residents in University Tower, North Hall, and Ball Hall now have the opportunity to rent micro-fridges for their rooms! No more worries about burning popcorn or waterless ramen as these micro-fridges also come with a smoke detector that turns off the microwave at the first sign of smoke.

This new residence hall feature allows each roommate to split the cost of a microwave and fridge for one unit price. Students who order by August 1 will also have their fridge delivered to their room before they arrive on campus for move-in. Visit Campus Fridges, Etc. (CFE) website https://mymicrofridge.com/ or view their flyer below for more information.

IUPUI Campus Fridges

Get your questions about the application, contract, or move-in answered.

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