Roommate Request Process

Some students want to live with a friend and some want to be assigned a roommate.  There is no right or wrong way to go about having a roommate. If you want to live with a specific person, there is a process to follow.  Here is everything you need to know to make that request:

  • You and your preferred roommate(s) should submit your housing applications at approximately the same time, and make sure the preferences are identical, including any Residential Based Learning Community requests.
  • All requests must be mutual so you and your requested roommate(s) must all request each other. 
    • The roommate request form will be open online in the Housing Service Center from April 1 - July 15 for any student who has completed a housing application. 
    • Your contracts MUST be identical, with matching facility, room type, and RBLC, if applicable. 

Completing the steps above will maximize your chances of being placed with your mutually requested roommate. There are times where availability prevents matching every roommate request but our team makes every effort to accommodate roommate requests that follow the above steps.

Roommate information is sent in early July for academic year contracts, and early January for new students just moving in for spring semester.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Whether your roommate is someone you have known since second grade or someone you were assigned to, you will find we are invested in helping you make your roommate relationship successful.  We have put a lot of time into studying roommate relationships to help us know how best to guide you.

All of that time and effort found that you are more likely to have a positive living experience with your roommate when you talk daily, share a meal, and hang out at least 3x per week.  The behaviors and frequencies listed below were reported to have worked and benefited previous roommates. We understand that each roommate relationship will be different and that these frequencies may be different for you, but always use this as a starting point when developing your new relationship!

Our Residence Life staff is trained on how best to help you navigate a positive roommate relationships and they have tools to help you be successful. Start off your new roommate relationship with an open mind and a willingness to communicate, and when necessary, reach out to your Resident Assistant for guidance navigating complex or sensitive topics and our team can help support you through that conversation.


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