Health and Safety

Emergency numbers

IUPUI Police Department: 317-274-7911

For assistance after hours, please contact the RA on duty for your community listed below. When leaving a message, please leave your name and phone number.

RA on duty

(9:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m. Monday - Friday and All Weekend)

Ball Residence: 317-220-3397

University Tower: 317-414-9929 or 317-414-2759

North Hall: 317-612-7022 or 317-612-7056

Riverwalk Apartments & Townhomes: 317-414-9825 or 317-414-2357

Being prepared for an emergency can be an important way to help promote a safe living and learning environment. Explore information about emergency preparedness, how to report a crime, bias incidents, and become familiar with the different ways we can promote a safe campus together by going to


Emergency procedures

Fires and fire alarms

You should evacuate the building any time the fire alarm sounds.  Familiarize yourself with the fire safety instructions.  In case of fire, activate the building fire alarm and exit the building.

Tornado and storm procedures

Tornadoes can occur any time during the year. The approach of severe weather may be announced by the Civil Defense Emergency siren, radio and television bulletins, IU Notify messages, or by the Residence Life Staff. 

  • A Tornado WATCH means tornado conditions exist in the area, and there is a possibility that one will develop. 
  • A Tornado WARNING means a tornado has been sighted in the area, and you should take cover immediately.
  • In case of an approaching tornado, you should observe the following procedures:
  • Move to the lowest floor that can be reached before high winds or a tornado strike.
  • Sit in a central hallway; cover your face with folded arms.
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • If outdoors, move away from the tornado’s path at a right angle or, if there is not time to escape, lie flat in the nearest depression, such as a ditch or ravine.
  • Listen to your RA or the RA on Duty as they will provide in the moment direction.

Armed assailant

We take any armed assailant situation extremely seriously.  If you become aware of an armed assailant situation at IUPUI from IU Notify or from a Housing Staff Member then follow their instructions:

  1. If you are asked to “shelter in place,” then this means that you lock yourself into a secure location and do not leave or allow anyone entry into your location until the “shelter in place” has been lifted.
  2. If you are in on-campus housing, then you should stay in your room and not leave until IU Notify lifts the “shelter in place.”
  3. If you hear shots fired or see a person with a gun, then call campus police at 317-274-7911.  Do not approach any individual with a gun or weapon.
  4. Residents who fail to follow guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action.


Pandemic and National Health Emergencies

You should follow all instructions provided by government health officials, the University, and Housing and Residence Life to ensure you can maximize your personal health and the health and wellbeing of those around you. Each health emergency will be different so the instructions may change from one event to the next. As new pandemic or health emergency policy or response information is available, information will be updated on our website and/or in the residential handbook. Immediate notifications will also be available on the Protect IU website,

Personal health and safety information

Personal safety

After dark, you should walk in well-lit areas with at least one other person, or if possible, in a group. In case of an emergency, there are “emergency phones” available in parking garages, outside areas, and hallways of some campus buildings.  The outside campus phones are identified by yellow boxes and a distinctive blue light above them.  These provide free access for people on campus to request any type of assistance.

Students may obtain an IUPUI safety escort to their car or another building on campus by calling 317-274-SAFE (7233), 24 hours a day. If students run out of gas, have a dead battery, or flat tire, they may call for assistance at the same number.


Protection of people and property

You can assist in personal safety and protection of property by observing good safety practices.

  • Lock your door when you leave your room/apartment.
  • Lock your door even if someone is asleep in the room.
  • Never leave doors propped open for any reason.
  • Always identify visitors before you open the door.
  • Keep all items of value, such as money, wallets, purses and jewelry, in a secure, out of sight location.
  • Engrave valuable items with your name.  Keep a record of all valuables, their description and serial numbers.
  • Never loan keys or ID to anyone.
  • Do not leave keys lying around in your room/apartment.
  • If your key is lost or stolen, report it to the Office of Housing and Residence Life immediately.
  • Report all thefts immediately to the IUPUI Police, your RA and/or the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • Report to the Office of Housing and Residence Life all doors, locks or windows needing repair.
  • Be suspicious of unknown persons loitering or checking doors in your living area.  Note their description and call the IUPUI Police immediately.
  • Require identification and authorization from repair or maintenance personnel wishing to enter your room or apartment.


Student property insurance

The University and Housing and Residence Life do not accept responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to property.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain insurance coverage for your personal property.  Homeowner’s, personal property or renter’s insurance may provide adequate coverage.


Health and safety inspections

To ensure the health and safety of all residents, health and safety inspections are typically completed at least two times each semester and residents are provided with at least 72 hours of advanced notice.  Resident Assistants or other authorized University personnel conduct these inspections and check for general cleanliness, unauthorized appliances, presence of alcohol, and missing and/or damaged furnishings. Residents in violation of University policies may be fined or sanctioned.

Inspections of each space will be conducted by a Resident Assistant and/or professional housing staff member who will make a written evaluation.  A copy of the evaluation will be left in the room/apartment. Repeated violations of health or safety standards may result in removal from University housing.

  • If conditions are found that are out of compliance or require attention, the resident(s) will be asked to make the necessary corrections within 72 hours for a second inspection.
  • If the same or similar condition(s) exist during the second inspection, an incident report will be written and investigated through the university conduct process or in cases of cleanliness issues, a fee may be assessed to have the area cleaned by HRL staff.


Health and wellness

If you are injured or become ill, you should visit the second floor of the Campus Center, 420 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202 CE 213, or call 317-274-2274.

For updated hours and billing information, please visit


Contact information

Housing and Residence Life receives all information related to preferred name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and degree pursuit directly from the Student Information System.  Any updates related to changes in name, address, or phone numbers, should be updated via the "Personal Information (students)" link in


Emergency contacts

Residents are required to list an emergency contact via their initial housing application in the case that the institution needs to make notification or contact.  This information would remain confidential and would only be accessible to authorized campus officials.  Emergency Contacts would only be contacted in consultation with the Dean of Students Office and would relate to emergency or serious matters related to things such as health and safety.  FERPA prohibits university officials from sharing information related to billing, grades, conduct, or other interpersonal relationships with people other than the student themselves or designees as determined by the resident, however there are exceptions to FERPA restricted information where information related to an emergency may be shared if it is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.

Students may, at any time, add an additional emergency contact to their housing record by visiting the Housing Service Center and selecting the ”Manage My Contacts” link.


Missing persons contact

Residents have the opportunity to add a Missing Persons Contact (MPC) which is separate from the emergency contact provided.  The person listed would only be contacted in the event that you have been deemed missing by campus police or our local law enforcement agency.  The Missing Persons Contact(s) will be registered confidentially and will only be accessible to authorized campus officials.  A MPC may not be disclosed except to law enforcement personnel as part of a missing persons investigation.

If a resident is under the age of 18 and not emancipated, the institution must notify a custodial parent or guardian with 24 hour of the determination that a student is missing, unless directed otherwise by local law enforcement agencies.