Your Contract

Your Contract

The following information pertains to all IUPUI Housing and Residence Life Housing Contracts. Please refer to your completed housing contract and/or contract addendum (if applicable) for complete terms and specific contract language.



Your Contract Agreement is a financially and legally binding agreement with the University.  You may request to cancel your contract, without incurring a penalty, for the following reasons:    

  • You are academically dismissed AND you notify the Office of Housing and Residence Life within five (5) days after receiving notice of your dismissal.
  • You participate in any approved IUPUI-sponsored program, such as an internship, student teaching, overseas study, etc., requiring you to be housed off the IUPUI campus.
  • You provide medical documentation of a serious medical problem that makes it impossible for you to remain in campus housing.
  • You graduate before the end of the contract period.
  • You are called to active military duty.
  • Your student visa application is denied.

You (the resident) must obtain and submit a written Contract Release form by logging into Notification by anyone else or by any other means or to other University offices is NOT accepted.  Detailed supporting documentation must be provided with your request for release.

If you are experiencing difficulties in campus housing, it is your responsibility to communicate this to a RA, RC, or Housing Staff member.  Most issues can be resolved through staff referral to appropriate resources and conflict resolution.  Should you choose to depart for any reason not listed above or fail to provide required documentation, you will be subject to the terms of your contract in its entirety, including but not limited to applicable penalties.

A resident has the option to appeal the penalties for contract release and should request appeal paperwork from the Housing Office.  Appeals and supporting documentation must be submitted together and received by the Office of Housing and Residence Life within ninety (90) days of vacating campus housing residence and should include a description of the resident’s reasons for making the request and enumerate steps the resident has made to improve the situation in order to meet contractual obligations.  Additionally, any supporting documentation should be provided.  Appeals are reviewed by a Housing Appeals Committee & decisions are final.

Your contract may be canceled for violations of your Contract Agreement and if, by judicial process, your continued presence in the residence hall is considered detrimental to the living group or the educational environment.  Anyone whose contract is canceled by the University is subject to charges as outlined in the Housing Contract Agreement.



Prepayments are applied to a student’s bursar account when individuals accept assigned On-Campus Housing accommodations. These prepayments apply directly to rent and are not considered a deposit.



Housing charges are billed in full each semester.  Housing rental charges for an Academic Year are posted in two installments prior to the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters.  They are due and payable according to the Bursar billing due dates with all housing charges paid in full prior to mid-term exam period.

Your rent will be considered late if not paid in full by the midterm exam period, and you will be subject to eviction procedures for nonpayment.

Financial Aid Recipients - Financial aid recipients may use their financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans etc.) to pay for their housing charges.   Regardless of your financial aid status, all housing charges must be paid in full according to the Bursar’s deferment options.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life does not have access to a student’s financial aid records. 


Payment Options:

  • Online:  Your student account, including all housing charges, can be paid online through IU Bursar Pay by logging into your One.IU account.  Within the self-service tab, find the Bursar channel and then select “Make a Payment.”
  • Authorized Payers: Authorized payers (parents, etc.) can set up personal checking, credit card, or savings account information (that can only be seen by the payer) to make payments directly to a student bursar account. Students must grant 3rd party access to Bursar Balances and Bills for authorized payers to be able to access Bursar billing features.
  • In Person:  In-person services, drop box and payment processing is available in Campus Center Suite 250.
  • U.S. Mail:  Indianapolis Office of the Bursar, P.O. Box 6020, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6020.

*Visit for full terms and options.


Returned Checks or PayPal Chargebacks

All returned checks will be assessed $27.50 or 5% of the check with a $250 maximum service charge. The amount of the original payment made by check or PayPal will also be due as non-negotiable payment such as a money order. Failure to correct payment issues may result in fees being applied to your bursar account or referral to the student conduct system, or law enforcement, depending on the circumstances.


Subletting/Contract Transfer

The Housing and Residence Life Contract Agreement and the right of occupancy are not transferable or assignable. Transference of assignment to siblings, children, extended family, or others is not permitted and shall result in contract termination, fines, and/or disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Office of Housing and Residence Life.  Persons other than those on the contract agreement or authorized and on record with the Office of Housing and Residence Life may not occupy the premises on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.


Room Assignment

Room assignment priority is based on the date of receipt of 1) the application and 2) the application fee.  Students can request preferences for building, room type, and Residential Based Learning Communities on their application. Receiving specific preferences is not guaranteed. 

The University makes all assignments without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or veteran status and rejects all requests for changes of assignment based on such.

In the event the University is unable to deliver possession of the assigned living unit, you agree to accept assignment to another unit. Residents assigned to temporary, overflow accommodations, such as a floor lounge, at the beginning of a contract term agree to move when a permanent unit/space becomes available.  Assignment to temporary, overflow accommodations shall not constitute a breach of this contract.

The University reserves the right to change room assignments for any reason it deems appropriate.  Reasons may include, but are not limited to, an alleged infraction of regulations, roommate incompatibility, consolidations, or unavailability of roommates.

If vacancies occur in a double room, triple room, two-bedroom unit, or four-bedroom unit in which you occupy, or any other residential space, the University may assign another person to the vacant space(s) without prior notice to you or may reassign you to other accommodations of equal value. 


Room Changes

The room change process will open the first week of classes.

Request a room change

If you are experiencing issues in your apartment, you should also contact your RA or RLCS to work through the roommate mediation process. Room changes can include requests to change to a vacant space. If residents are wanting to switch rooms with each other, they will need to speak with the Resident Life Community Specialist of the building that they are assigned to.

Important Notes:

  • This process is separate from any requests made directly with building supervisors and staff.
  • Room changes are given out based on date requested and availability, may not happen immediately and are not guaranteed.
  • Approvals for room change request will be emailed out on Monday of each week and the approved transfers will be scheduled for the Friday within that same week.
  • You are responsible for paying any additional rent if approved to move to a different room type.
  • If approved, a $100 room change fee will be billed to the student's Bursar Account.
  • Room changes that result in assignment to a different facility may impact your meal plan and it is your responsibility to contact IUPUI Dining Services to inquire about fees or additional charges.
  • All room changes must be approved by Housing and Residence Life in writing.  Room changes or room swapping conducted without HRL approval, including switching bedrooms in Riverwalk Apartments, will result in an additional $100.00 improper room change fine and can result in judicial action.

Sample Damages, Fines and Other Charges

The following is a list of potential damage and fine charges.  Depending on the severity of specific damages, the actual cost can vary.  The best way to ensure that no damages or fines are incurred is to maintain a safe and clean living environment, avoid damaging or altering the facilities, report any potential damages or maintenance needs in a timely manner, and follow all policies.

Paint $100

Patch Plaster  (minimum) $50

Residue removal (minimum) $50

Ceiling tile replacement $50

Room Light$150

Replace Lens$75

Closet Mirror Doors (Riverwalk)$200

Bathroom Stall Doors$250

Ball Hall Door Vents$325

Door Frame  (minimum)$200

Excessive Room Cleaning (minimum)$50

Curtains (minimum)$50

Switch Cover$15

Toilet Seat$45

Shower Curtain$25

Shower Bar$25

Pictures (Tower only)$25

Mirror (Tower only)$75

 Lock Change/Loss of Room Key (per lock/key)$100

Loss of Mailbox Key$10

Lock Out Charge$15

Unauthorized Pet$50

Second Pet Violation$100

Building Security Violation$100

Improper Move Out$50

Unauthorized Removal of Furniture$50

Trash Removal$50

Prohibited Item$25

Room Change$100


Lost Card$25

Access Control Card Reader$500

Bicycle Tread Marks (minimum)$50

Burns/Cigarette  (minimum)$50

Burns/Iron  (minimum)$75

Stains  (minimum)$25

Rips in Carpet  (minimum)$50

Tile Damage  (minimum)$50

Linoleum Damage$50

Replace Carpet - full room (minimum)$350

Clean Upholstered Furniture (per section)$35

Upholster Lounge Sofa$600

Upholster Lounge Love Seat$450

Upholster Lounge Chair$400

Replace Desk Chair$100

Replace Love Seat$450

Replace Desk$300

Replace Dining Table$300

Replace Dining Chair$100

Replace Dresser$350

Replace End Table$150

Replace Coffee Table$175

Replace TV Stand$250

Recharge Extinguisher$100

Discharging Extinguisher $100

Fire Alarm Box$150

Smoke Detector (disabling or altering)$100

Strobe Alarm$200

Evacuation Map/Cover$25

Lighted Exit Sign$300

Single Mattress$150

Double Mattress$250

Double Box Spring$250

Single Bed Frame$200

Double Bed Frame$250

Ceramic Tile Replacement$200

Paint One Wall of Room$100

Paint Entire Standard Room$300

Patch Plaster  (minimum)$50

Damage to Wood Wall (Tower only - minimum)$50

Patch Drywall$100

Remove Stickers/Graffiti (minimum)$50




Garbage Disposal$100




Replace Glass$175

Screen – Replace$50

Replace Blinds $50

Remove Stickers/Graffiti (minimum)$25